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About project

About project

The «E-DemLab» portal has been created as an "incubator" for social technologies and the formation of a network environment for the interaction of non-governmental organizations and IT-specialists in the area of electronic democracy.

This web-site is designed as a place for access to actual technologies and a platform to create new online applications in response to requests to civil society based on cooperation between representatives of IT-sphere and civil society.

It provides the opportunity to mobilize civil society organizations around e-democracy improvement, involve them to in the process of development, as well as using and sharing modern ICT in their professional activities.

Tasks of the «E-DemLab» web-site: 

  • Access to new technologies 
  • Creation of a place for interaction, dialogue facilitation, and the formation of non-governmental organization and IT-specialist co-operation 
  • Sharing of project experience in the sphere of civil activities and spreading information about technology for non-governmental organizations 
  • Increasing NGO work efficiency online and the overall impact of everyday activities


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