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Gada – free internet service, which is called to combine social and political activists of Great Britain.

The service was worked out by the political activist and adviser of state organizations  Mattia Fosci. 

In his blog he told how the idea of creating such platform appeared. 

He has an opinion that democratic model is losing  its ground: people lost their trust to the government and  feel the apathy. He is sure that  the protest mood  is being actively formed  among  the  youth  in the USA and in Europe, in particular in Great Britain.

He also noted  that people started to express  their displeasure in the Internet: sign up the petitions, openly discuss social, economic and ecological problems and suggest the ways of solving them.

“We have a wonderful opportunity to use the global web. Posting cat’s  photos  is not the best usage of the Internet. I decided to collaborate millions of people  for solving  global problems without  financial investments”,-  noted  Fosci in his interview  for .

According to his words the internet service  Gada  was founded using the experience of  famous platforms for collecting petitions, such as and 38degrees ,open political platforms as DemocracyOS and services for finding common decisions as  Loomio . The author called  Gada « A kind of Internet-incubator of political ideas and political campaigns».

With the help of the new service nationals will be able to conduct the discussion, work out  innovation proposals  for statesmen , collaborate in local communities, organize political campaigns online  and off-line. He expects  it  to become “the revolution of social activity”

The service is being refined now and  will be activated in 2017

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