At the national level:

- portal "Vidkryte Misto", was created for the interaction between citizens, local authorities, enterprises, community associations, charity and business organizations in the process of solving urgent social problems and receiving necessary information (tool -  e-management relations with citizens);

- the unified public Web portal of available data, which was designed to provide access to public information in the form of disposable data and gives the possibility to reach information of powers of authorities with ability of subsequent use (tool - e-initiative);

- e-petitions – are the e-democracy tools, that give the possibility to share their initiatives with society and government, pointing attention at the existing problems in any field of politics, economics, social life (tool - e-petition);
- competition for IT projects of e-democracy EGAP CHALLENGE, which aim is to introduce new tools of e-democracy that will help citizens to receive new high-quality services, to interact effectively and directly influence the powers of authority, and to powers of authority it will help to reach a new level of transparency and efficiency (tool - e -initiative);

- Bibliomist - the purpose of this initiative is to support free public access to computers and the Internet in the whole world to overcome the digital inequality. Approximately 1600 public libraries in Ukraine have received the necessary computer equipment and qualified librarians who can increase the level of computer literacy of library users due to this project (tool - e-Initiative).



At the local level:

- system of local petitions, to which only in the first six months of its existing have joined more than 50 Ukrainian communities (tool - e-petition);
- social inspector - a resource where people can find out from where money appears in local budgets, on what it is spent, it is conducted not in general, but in detail, regarding every school, kindergarten, road or municipal institution (tool - e-participation in the budget process); unified electronic database in educational matters (city of Dnipro) (tool - e-initiative);

- "Kievzelenstroy" has launched an online resource "Parkoideya", where by filling the form, you can express your wishes regarding the development, improvement and impact on park zones in Kyiv (tool - e-initiative);

- personal cabinet of Lviv inhabitant, which aims in establishing cooperation between residents of the city and local authorities to make the process of access to administrative services easier (tool - interaction with citizens at the local level (G2C / C2G);

- maps of Lviv / Kyiv inhabitant - a personalized e-card, which allows to use services in the city faster and more conveniently. The card gives the possibility to order administrative services and to receive the access to electronic services on the Internet portal in a private cabinet (e-service that simplifies the usage of e-democracy tools);

- youth hackathons - a competition which aim is to help in converting open public data in real startups that will provide services to citizens, enterprises and state. One of the objectives of hackathons is implementing of pilot initiatives in the sphere of e-democracy to enhance the rate of citizens’ involvement at the local and regional levels. With support of program EGAP and 1991 OpenDataIncubator in Odessa young people have participated in the first from 64 planned hackathons (tool - e-initiative);


Activities, events