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Public Projects’ Fair


January 11-12, 2017 in Kyiv was a Public Projects’ Fair. There were presented 321 public projects developed by Kyiv citizens. These projects will be financed at the expense of the city in the frames of Participatory budget - 2017.

Let us remind you, that from December 27, 2016 began the stage of public voting for the best public projects, which lasted until January 29, 2017. In order to participate in the e-voting, citizen had to be registered with its own electronic account from Ukrainian bank (such as Privatbank, ConcordBank, Bank Pivdennyi, A-Bank, OshchadBank or UniCredit Bank) or Kyiv Citizen's Card. Also, at January 21, 2017 a Public Projects' Forum took place. Public could met there projects' authors and choose their top-5 Participatory Budget's projects.

At the Public Projects’ Fair were presented and highlighted all the details of submitted public projects. Each author has demonstrated his/her project and answered questions from every interested participant.

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Public Projects’ Fair
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